For Vicki

Robert please forgive me for this but I need to talk to Vicki, nothing offensive or insulting.  Vicki, you said, I’m not the Last Man Standing? Look at yourself… you’ve been banished from DVTV, and now DVV. You lost your ability to make vlogs. All you have is your trash site over at your wordpress and even that won’t last long either. All you are doing over there is angrily typing out blogs. I saw all the comments under one of your “blogs.” It seems to me that several others have followed my example of reporting your trash site to WordPress. Bravo to them. I still get to make vlogs here at DVV and guess what? Vicki, I’ll be back in the ASL group at DVTV in over a week from tomorrow. Guess what I’d be doing on July 1st/2nd? Making vlogs in DVTV ASL while you can’t. 🙂  All I can describe you is that you are up the river without a paddle 🙂  Have a wonderful weekend… not!

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