ATTN: Thumbup2 re: DMCA and JokeChamp

Hello, this is for Thumbup2 aka Vicki. I know Robert did boot you out of here, but it is important that you know what DMCA really means.  I know you’re watching this Vicki so allow me to elaborate on what DMCA really means. I’ll address JokeChamp in a bit. Do you know what DMCA means? It stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a law that was passed in the year 2000 when the internet was still in its infancy.   Do you know what it covers? Let me explain with few bullet points:

  • Copyrighted materials that a person does not have the credentials to.
  • Stolen materials that was used to make a profit (i.e. pirated materials, leaked videos, porn, etc)
  • Defamation in which said materials can be used from other sites to attack other parties (Frekky, me, Tayler, Zack1324 and others)

Nowhere does it say in DMCA that slander, bullying and harassment is covered.  Ergo, WordPress can suspend you for this. I think defamation is something WordPress do not tolerate as well. I do not care for your fake emails.   Defamation is a very serious crime under DMCA. Under this stature, Frekky and several others have a right to sue you for defamation and take everything you own and sell them to Goodwill because at least your stuff would be used for a good cause.  Oh yes, they can sue you because you copied, recorded, etc from them without their consent.  Even Tayler can sue you because that’s his baby you’re stealing from and DVTV IS his baby. You, Vicki should know all of that by now since you’re a chain-smoking elderly woman living off SSDI. You, who has a precedent of breaking the law way too many times.

This is for JokeChamp:

I want to talk to you directly. I understand you like Vicki. But you can see that your friends that you know for many years is in pain because of your actions involving Vicki. You need to understand that they are your friends and they care about you very much. They are there to help you and support you in any way possible.  I talked to Zack1324 in a private group over there on the other site and I can see that he is visibly hurt, upset and angry. He feels this way because he thought you were his friend yet you did everything to stonewall him; block him in any way possible. Is that how you treat a friend? I am going to try to help to support him in a positive way once I’m done with this post.  I have seen everything what you did to the other site.. I’ve seen how you behave lately. The evidence is right there in front of our eyes.  Your friends are in pain over all of this yet you blame them for your stress.. I ask you, how does that make sense to you? It pains me to say this but I have to agree with Frekky and Zack about you and how you are being manipulated.  You should try to look at this from their perspectives. Yes, I have tried looking at my issues from their perspectives too, but I simply don’t agree with them because their reasoning can be often wrong.  They also don’t understand me very well that’s a fact. They don’t see that suspensions anywhere on the internet means nothing for me as long there’s always a platform for me to go to so I can speak up on my soapbox. I understand you do like older women over the age of 40. I like younger women in their 20’s and 30’s too but I don’t swoon over them and send them images from Monsters inc. That can turn off any rational thinking girl. I allow them to come up to me first instead of “crowding” them with movie images and screaming, “I love you!” over again and again. That just turns them off outright.  Vicki isn’t someone you want for a woman that’s already past over the hill. You need a mature woman that’s clean. Someone who doesn’t have an extensive criminal record. (Zack’s words not mine) Someone who’s not a druggie snorting cocaine and doing meth. You don’t want to hang out with Vicki. I would rather hang out with Frekky over Vicki because Frekky is the lesser of two evils. That’s how bad Vicki is. I mean, I can tolerate Frekky’s mocking, At least she insults the disabled like myself or CrazyCoffeeWoman75 without calling them retards. Vicki does that. So please I ask you to look at how your friends feels right now about you. Have a good day.


  1. deafsnake

    June 16, 2017 at 4:52 pm C-link

    Oh Vicki, I just contacted WordPress about your trash site. And on the trash site, you claimed “Crazy” is name calling? No it’s not. It’s a fact about you.


  2. deafsnake

    June 16, 2017 at 5:06 pm C-link

    BTW, I went to your trash site and you know that “follow” button? There’s a button with three dots.. Guess what? I hit report! Buh bye!

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